Want to build the next Unofficial Map of Black Rock City? We need you!

Greetings Burner community and fellow map enthusiasts,

We are looking for an entirely new team to run with the Unofficial Map of Black Rock City starting this year!

The Unofficial Map of BRC has been a gift of love to the Burner community since 2014. In lieu of an official map pre-event, Burners have used the Unofficial Map for visualizing the city and their camps in relation to services and other camps, or to simply get excited for their journey into the desert. The 2022 version exceeded 1 million views for the first time, and the annual response has filled our hearts. It has been a beautiful adventure over these years to build this map with the contributions of all of you.

Alas, the time has come for the current team to retire. One of the members has joined the official Placement team and thus cannot participate in this side project; while the other two are taking a break from Burning Man for the foreseeable future.

Do you have what it takes to manage and implement the next iteration of the Unofficial BRC Map?

Background: We have been building the Unofficial BRC Map by crowdsourcing the data using Google Forms and then manually pinning the provided data to a custom Google My Map for the public to interact with. As you can imagine, it is very labor intensive to do this for ~1,000+ theme camps, plus facilities and official support camps.

Unfortunately, it seems that Google has neglected the My Maps application over the years so its feature set has remained static and some features, such as Search, no longer work. This damages the usability of the map for our community.

For these reasons, we believe the next iteration of the project should be adopted by someone with the ability to generate a new map outside of Google My Maps. We are also seeking someone to take over communications on the Burner social media channels.

You will have some help and guidance this year to ensure that we are honoring our community and the continuation of this interactive gift, but we are looking for highly motivated folks with any of the below related experience who can run with this project immediately.

Do you have programming skills and related experience to automate the process from collection of theme camp inputs to placing them on a map?

Do you have extensive experience with an alternate mapping solution?

Do you have social media / communications experience for getting the word out about the map to the community?

Please submit your proposals with your related experience to the team at feedback@unofficialbrcmap.com by end of day, Monday, June 12th.


The Unofficial BRC Map Team (first generation)